Beethoven Spa House

:: After several months of intensive modernisation work the Beethoven Spa House was opened once more on 26 March 2018.
:: During the closure we successfully renovated the entire core of the balneo facility, where thermal baths are provided.
:: The main procedure of our therapy is heavily utilised and so it was necessary to completely renew the out-dated facility. The original equipment, which we grateful to for decades of honest service, had to yield to new technologies and materials right down to the foundations.
:: The thermal baths have been in operation again since the end of March following extensive modernisation work and guests are enjoying baths in the new facility.



In autumn this year, the finish of the whole project is planned. When all details are ready, the new part of The Spa House Beethoven complex will be accessible under the name of THERMALIUM. There will be a completely new floor with pools for treatment. The pools will be filled with 100% thermal mineral water from the source Pravřídlo.


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