Pelican Spa Centre

- information centre for spa guests – a contact point for Teplice residents, spa guests, tourists, and passers-by   
-  it provides information about the Spa, new procedures, short trips from Teplice, and cultural events  
- it issues gift vouchers for spa services – favourite massages and other procedures 
- a wide range of spa gifts and souvenirs
- open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., and 12.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
- in Lázeňská ulička (Spa Alley) (in the house with the pelican sign)  

Pelican Spa Centre contact: 00420 417 977 158


 Spa specialities and souvenirs
- unique spa specialities, such as the splendid Spa coffee: 100% Arabica (both ground coffee and coffee beans for perfect espresso), bars of chocolate with pictures of famous guests to Teplice Spa, our honey (supplied by a winner of the national honey competition) and of course, the favourite wafers   
- nice souvenirs to remember Teplice, such as a handbag hanger with a medallion showing   Ludwig van Beethoven or Empress Sissi, a T-shirt with the logo of our beer called Mistr lázeňský (Spa Master), Czech crystal glass, etc.  


- Pelican Spa Centre issues gift vouchers while you wait
- you can get a voucher for accommodation, a procedure, a meal in Spa restaurants, or a voucher of a certain value (so the donee can have their own choice to get anything from what Teplice Spa offers)   




Why Pelican?

The name of Pelican Spa Centre comes from the house sign with the symbol of a pelican over the historical house door. In general, house signs were usually chosen by the owner, e.g. to commemorate an important topographic location, a historic event, or a biblical event with a symbolic message. The choice also depended on fashion trends, speaking the modern language. The figure of a pelican is most likely connected with a biblical scene too. The pelican was usually depicted together with three fledgelings being fed by the pelican's blood. This was a symbol of Christian love – the ability to sacrifice and give selfless help. The motif of a pelican was used quite often for the sake of the symbolic message announcing helpfulness and "loving our neighbors" in the form of good services.



Where is the Pelican Spa Centre?

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