Beethoven´s Room

As a matter of course, Beethoven Spa – named to commemorate the visit of the great composer – has a room where the Master stayed. This corner room overlooking Lázeňská ulička (Spa Alley) and St. John the Baptist's church was reconstructed in June 2011 with a great respect to Beethoven's heritage and today belongs to really exceptional accommodation premises. It is exceptional thanks to its comfort and glorious history. Guests can enjoy the fully equipped modern facilities and at the same time, they can feel the original atmosphere from the period furniture and a number of musical accents. A rare historical violin, musical score, and Beethoven's face remind the little known fact that it was right here where the great composer started his most famous work – the Ninth Symphony.        

Beethoven's room could not have a better choice of the first guest to visit. Who else than the chief conductor of the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra could be more receptive to heritage of the great musician? "I have never stayed in a room with such a great history" said Charles Olivieri Munroe, the very first guest after the reconstruction. "The space is really impressive. Being aware of the fact Ludwig van Beethoven started composing his most famous Ninth Symphony right here was an extraordinary experience for me as a musician," Charles describes his first impressions. "At night, when there is a complete silence, I felt like I heard the tata ta taaa..."    

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