Between procedures, in a free afternoon or before dinner – enjoy your stay fully
-    explore the town of many parks with nearly twenty fountains, make trips from Teplice, including a trip to Dresden, which is within one hour away  
-    make sure how Teplice is particular about culture – there is the Chateau with several museums, regular concerts of the internationally recognized North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, festivals, cinema, theatre (Krušnohorské divadlo)...
-    choose interesting procedures you have always wanted to try – such as the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, or the healing and detox honey massage  
-   enjoy the atmosphere in spa cafés and allow yourself to absorb the spa ease


How to enjoy free time right in the spa

- choose interesting procedures you have always wanted to try – such as the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, or the healing and detox honey massage (more about procedures)
- relax in the thermal swimming pool – the hot spring water from nozzles will spoil you
- see the information and wall posters – there are various concerts, and presentations in the spa, regular dancing evenings and piano evenings are held in Café Restaurant Beethoven (see the event calendar)
- if you find time to think about gifts to bring to your family or friends from the spa – wafers, a package of the splendid spa coffee, herbal liqueur, or a bar of chocolate with Beethoven's portrait – visit the Pelican Spa Centre, which is the kingdom of all spa specialities and souvenirs  


How to enjoy free time within the walking distance

-Teplice is sure worth exploring in all aspects, starting from the Empire style architecture, through the historically preserved Zámecké náměstí (Chateau Square), up to the large Zámecká zahrada (Chateau Garden) in the style of the English landscape garden with lakes; you should also visit the museum located in Teplice Chateau (including a spa history exhibition), or take a long walk to Doubravská hora (a hill) with the ruin of Doubravka Castle
- you can also go to the theatre called Krušnohorské divadlo, or to the culture centre (Dům kultury) next door – they both are within 200-metre distance from Beethoven Spa; there are performances every day, films in the cinema, and regular concerts of the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra (see the programme at www.dkteplice.cz)
- nature lovers can enjoy a visit to the Teplice botanical gardens, to the observatory, or to the planetarium


How to enjoy free time taking a trip from Teplice




- Teplice is situated in a broad valley between Krušné hory (the Ore Mountains) and České středohoří (the Central Bohemian Uplands); see the whole panorama taking the longest Czech chairlift to Komáří vížka, from Krupka (5 km from Teplice); in Krupka you can also see the castle, the mining history trail and the Tour Mining Gallery of Starý Martin  
- in Dubí, you can see Church of the Virgin Mary, a copy of the Venice church and the furthest building of this kind to the north of the Alps; in Mstišov, the part of Dubí, there is a large game preserve and a hunting lodge with a restaurant 
- the  Cistercian monastery in Osek, belongs to the oldest ones; it is a large complex including the abbey church, the paradise garden, the old convent, and the cloister
- the artists who decorated Duchcov Chateau included M. B. Braun; the famous Giacomo Casanova spent years here as the librarian  

Trips to book

- several times a week, we organize trips from Teplice
- we can find interesting destinations in the border region of Germany - Dresden, Königstein Fortress, Pirna, Seiffen, Moritzburg Castle, Meissen
- in Bohemia, we offer trips to Prague, a boat trip to Hřensko, a trip to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), or Teplice and surroundings sightseeing tour   


It is possible to cancel a trip you have bought within 2 days of the departure at the latest. If you do not take part in the trip you have bought you have no right to be returned the money. When taking a day trip, you can order a dining package replacing your lunch. For Saturday trips, the package must be ordered by Wednesday, for Sunday trips, it must be ordered by Thursday. If foreign visitors take part in the trip, the tour commentary is multilingual. For more information, ask the organizer of the trips:  CA DAALK at Emperor's Spa on Mondays between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and on Wednesdays between 5.30 p.m. and 7 p.m., or at Beethoven Spa on Mondays between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. and on Wednesdays between 7.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. next to the dining room or at the reception.   

DEPARTURES from spa buildings:      
From Beethoven Spa gate – at the time specified      
Stone Spa –15 minutes before the time specified


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