Robotic physiotherapy for children

LOKOMAT allows even passive children to practice walking, utilises the high neuroplasticity of a child’s brain, helps create functional motion formulas, repeated training improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system and enhances the results of traditional treatment.

The Lokomat Robot currently represents the most advanced physiotherapeutic treatment in the world. Its integration into the complex spa treatment programme lifts potential therapeutic results to a higher level.

Robot-assisted walking

Robot-assisted therapy utilises the neuroplasticity of the central nervous system.  Robotic braces allow the child to practice walking and help create functional motion formulae. Biofeedback immediately informs the therapist of the child’s activity during locomotion. These activities are recorded in the report (guiding the motion, muscle strength, range of motion, the distance walked, speed….), which enables better evaluation of the therapy. Targeted and repeated training contributes to a significant improvement in the motion stereotype, and benefits the psyche, thereby improving the quality of life.

Motivation through play

The child watches the movement of the figure on the screen in front of him/her. This visual and acoustic feedback motivates the child to perform tasks, turn, walk around items and practice various skills required in everyday life in an entertaining manner.



Robotic physiotherapy has great potential for children with neurological disorders, e.g., cerebral palsy and disorders resulting from traumatic or other damage to the brain or spinal cord. Treatment is indicated for child between 90 cm and 140 cm tall and with specific mental abilities – able to communicate with the therapist and interact.


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