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it is raining!


Rain from Krušné hory (the Ore Mountains) penetrates into the depths of the earth to absorb the temperature, mineralization, and medicinal properties intensively. Today, after 18 thousand years, it has become unique Teplice thermal with a significant therapeutic potential.


romans and celts give thanks to the SPRINGS!

The first evidence of using Teplice thermal water dates back to the beginning of our era. Roman and Celtic jewelry and coins were found in the shaft of Teplice Přavřídlo (Ancient Spring) – there was a custom to throw them in the water as thanks for the healing power of the springs.   


according to a legend, the Teplice springs were discovered by a piglet!

From Wenceslaus Hajek of Libočan chronicle:
The herdsman who pastured his pigs every day, had a pig in his herd that would always stay behind the others because it was lame. Therefore, he was not surprised at first when it got lost sometimes. After some time however, the herdsman noticed the pig stopped limping and was even more nimble than the others. All the same, the pig continued separating from the herd every day, so one day, the herdsman decided to follow it to find the reason behind the miraculous healing of the pig. He followed it until he could see a place where a hot spring flowed out from the ground. The pig was wallowing in the mud happily. As soon as the herdsman returned home, he rushed to nobleman Kolostůj, the ruler of the region, to tell him what he had seen. Kolostůj founded a town on that site, which later became Teplice.  


first organized use of thermal water!

Judith, Queen of Bohemia, mother of Ottokar I of Bohemia, founded a monastery "ad aquas calidas" (at warm waters). The Benedictine monastery included a hospital. Nuns cared for the sick and the treatment involved hot springs. 


first stone spa buildings are built to accommodate electors of saxony regularly! 

Starting from 1580, the original wooden buildings were demolished to be replaced by stone ones. By then, Teplice had become a very famous spa town. In 1550, Catherine, Duchess of Saxony stayed in Teplice, and after her visit, the family of the Elector of Saxony with the whole court came to stay in Teplice every year.


Peter the Great visits Teplice and Russia discovers benefits of spa treatment!

In autumn 1712, Peter the Great arrived in Teplice. His stay in the Czech spa was a great relief for him, so after his return to Russia, his subordinates were given a difficult task – to find mineral springs in Russia and build the first Russian spa for His Majesty.   


1756 - 1763
during the war, Teplice is the island of peace!

During the Seven Year's War (1756 – 1763), military action took place in the vicinity of Teplice. However, Teplice was declared a nonmilitary town where soldiers from both sides could be treated together, the enemies from the battleground could only meet in peace in Teplice spa. Also during other war conflicts, Teplice becomes a hospital town.  


1811, 1812
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN's visits to Teplice – in Teplice, he started composing his most famous ninth symphony!  

The famous and the only meeting of two giants - Beethoven and Goethe:
On 23 July 1812, the two great figures of European culture – "the prince of poets" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the genius composer Ludwig van Beethoven – met Empress Maria Ludovika and her suit at the intersection of two spa malls in Teplice Chateau Garden. In a letter to a friend a few years after both artists died, Bettina von Arnim, the lioness of the salons in early 19th century, cited what Beethoven had told her about this incident: "Yesterday on the way home we met the whole Imperial family. Goethe slipped away from me, and stood on one side. I could not induce him to advance another step, so I pushed my hat on my head, buttoned up my overcoat, and went, arms folded, into the thickest of the crowd while Goethe stood at the side, deeply bowing." 

Beethoven's proudness and Goethe's servility caused estrangement between them and renunciation of already agreed cooperation. This was why Ode to Joy lyrics was written by Schiller.


visit of Empress SISSI – Empress Elizabeth Spa to commemorate her visit was opened later!

The newlywed Emperor Franz Joseph I and young Elizabeth considered the loveliest royal couple of that time went on honeymoon after their wedding on 24 April 1854. The imperial newlyweds also visited Teplice, then nicknamed Little Paris or the Salon of Europe for its splendor and elegance. Despite expectations, Elizabeth did not choose the city spa buildings in the centre of town (today's Beethoven Spa), but preferred the then building of Stone Spa. A new spa building was built at the same site, opened in 1911 as Empress Elizabeth Spa to commemorate the visit of Sissi.       

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