Long-term stays

-    recover in the most pleasant way – in Teplice Spa you will improve the condition of your musculoskeletal and circulatory systems and will enjoy your strengthened health long after returning home  
-    high success rate in the treatment of 96.1 % thanks to the unique Teplice springs and experienced doctors and therapists – specialization in treatment of muscles, ligaments, conditions after musculoskeletal system surgeries, hip replacement surgeries, after injuries, phlebitis and lymphatitis, inflammatory and degenerative disorders, vertebrogenic syndromes, and diabetes-related circulatory and nervous system disorders

Short-term stays

-    have a slow and relaxing breakfast, then combine pleasant procedures and massages with trips from Teplice, walks in the park, sitting in a café, and relax in a thermal swimming pool after dinner – after a few days, you will come back home smiling and in better shape   


-    nothing can compare the feeling one has when entering the bath, being embraced by the thermal water for the first time; nothing compares the feeling when your stiff back limbers under the gentle, but accurate hands of a physiotherapist   


Café Restaurant Beethoven 

-    if you like really good coffee and fine details in dining, if you want to enjoy nice moments with a bit of spa elegance, if you really care about how the evening ends...   

Café Restaurant Sissi 

-    it has been given the nobleness and grace of its namesake; it likes the old world charm, offers a view of a beautiful park, and invites you to taste specialities of the Viennese Court  

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