Café Restaurant Beethoven



if you like really good coffee and fine details in dining, if you want to enjoy nice moments with a bit of spa elegance, if you really care about how the evening ends...  

- stylish spa restaurant and café in Lázeňská ulička (Spa Alley)
- it serves splendid Spa coffee, beer and wine, original spa desserts, as well as traditional tarts

- timeless masterful cuisine    
- nonsmoking area, free WiFi Internet access  
- open every day from 11.30 a.m. to 11 p.m., outdoor seating in summer

Contact – book a table at tel. No.: 00420 417 977 153

- we serve our own Spa coffee – a unique selection of purely Arabica beans  
- each coffee speciality is based on espresso made of Spa coffee – see the Spa coffee rich menu
- every day, fresh original desserts and traditional tarts are prepared
- if you take desserts away there is a 10% discount – you will appreciate this when hosting a visit  



- the timeless masterful cuisine is based on good work in the kitchen and quality service
- pairing food and wine or beer is an art – choose the best drinks to match your menu – including the unique spa beer Mistr (Master) and Ležák lázeňský (Spa Lager)




  - Café Restaurant Beethoven can adapt to demanding requirements for holding parties, wedding receptions, or company events – we will prepare the menu and the dining layout by request – contact us at tel. No.: 00420 417 977 153
- Café Restaurant Beethoven is the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two – we will realize your ideas about the decoration, ensure a bouquet, and keep your gift to be given to your partner during the dinner – book a romantic dinner at tel. No.: 00420 417 977 153

Beethoven comes back to life in a stylish environment
The design of Café Restaurant Beethoven is the work of the top architect Barbora Škorpilová and takes up the spirit of the premises Ludwig van Beethoven was staying and working in 1811. The walls are decorated with original Beethoven's scores of the works the famous composer sketched right here in Teplice. The lighting is grouped into clouds of notes and the distinctive floral decor is based on the historical concept of a summer meadow.



Where's Café Restaurant Beethoven?

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