December 2018 - opening of Thermalium

Spa Teplice are about to make a big step ahead. The project of reconstruction and completion of the works in the heart of The Spa House Beethoven presents the milestone in the modern history of Spa Teplice.

To replace the already existing swimming pool and allow the wider use of our thermal water, we have embarked on a project of reconstruction and completion of a rehabilitation pool at the Beethoven Spa House.

The biggest investment of the last time will include expanding the capacity of the swimming pool, building the sauna world, salt cave, but also extensive reconstruction of individual baths, massages and other therapies.

THERMALIUM will become a dignified place where spa guests and the public can fully indulge in the healing power of Teplice springs.


The project is scheduled for November 2017 - November 2018. An overview of important terms is available here.

At this point, we're facing a challenging event in all its aspects, the launch of the new operation is planned in the winter of 2018.

We will keep you up to date on the opening of Thermalium as well as on the current development of the project on our website

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