Spa Treatments

Salt cave

One stay in the salt cave equals 3 days at the seaside; microclimate saturated by minerals, iodine, potassium, and selenium relieves allergies and asthma and helps in skin diseases, eczema, fungal diseases and psoriasis.


Thermal bath

A tub bath in thermal water of a temperature between 37 and 38 °C from the world famous Teplice springs. The bath is followed by a dry wrap. The bath brings curative effects of thermal water and a feeling of pleasant general release. It is suitable in chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of joints and spine, perfusion disorders, it relieves pain, and helps mental relaxation.


Hot stone massage

It uses smooth lava stones heated in a water bath and helps strengthening the immune system, has a positive effect on the metabolism and detoxification of the bod, supports the regeneration ability of strained muscles, and removes pain from back and cervical spine.


Lymphatic drainage

Gentle, circular massages by pressure exactly at a specific place. They improve the lymph circulation and make its cleaning in the nodes more effective. Besides other problems, it is recommended for cellulites and leg swelling. It also strengthens and improves the immune system.


Underwater massage

A tub bath in thermal water of a temperature between 37 and 38 °C from the world famous Teplice springs in combination with a massage by a water stream performed by the physiotherapist. After the massage, muscles release and you have a nice refreshing feeling of mild tiredness.


Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic medical treatment was developed at Sri Lanka and they significantly help release toxins from joints and organs, especially from the skin, which has a great revitalizing effect. To reach these effects, ayurveda uses special oils applied on skin. Professional masseurs perform massages of the head, face, and the whole body.


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