General Terms and Conditions


1.1. These General Terms and Conditions / hereinafter referred to as the GTC / are valid for all types of stays offered by Lázně Teplice v Čechách a.s. with its registered office at Mlýnská 253, 415 38 Teplice, Czech Republic, IČ 44569491, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, Section B., Insert 207 (hereinafter also referred to as “LT”). The GTC also apply to stays that have the character of a tour according to Act No. 159/1999 Coll., On certain conditions of business in the field of tourism (LT are holders of a concession to sell tours), procedures and other tourism services.

1.2. The GTC form an integral part of the contractual relationship, ie confirmed reservations (binding orders) or any type of contract (including travel contract) concluded between the client and LT, the subject of which is staying in LT, and regulate the relationship and legal relationship between LT as a service provider and individuals or legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the client) as users of these services. LT reserves the right to state in the sales materials (website at, information or offer list) different conditions that take precedence over these conditions. Deviating provisions in the confirmed order / contract take precedence over the provisions of the GTC.


2.1. The parties to the contractual relationship are:

a) LT, which enter into the contractual relationship directly or through intermediaries – sales representatives (commission sellers) who have concluded an agency agreement or commission agreement with LT (hereinafter referred to as “external sales points”), and

b) a client, which may be a natural or legal person who does not have a bilateral agreement with LT, which would regulate matters addressed by these GTC.


3.1. The client orders a stay in LT by a written order, which he sends by post (address Lázně Teplice v Čechách as, sales department, Mlýnská 253, Teplice, postal code 415 38, Czech Republic), fax (+ 420 417 977 429), e-mail (e- by e-mail to the address or via the reservation form located at For information, you can also use the telephone contact at + 420 417 977 444. After a properly issued and submitted order, the client is bound by his order. The issued order must contain the following essentials: name and surname of the client, date of birth, address of permanent residence, telephone (or e-mail or other operational contact), name of stay, number of persons, start and end date of stay, category of accommodation (spa house ). Furthermore, the order must contain: the range of accommodation, medical and catering services according to the offer (if it does not result from the predetermined content of the booked stay), the date of issue of the order. All mandatory fields must be filled in the booking form on the website. The customer is personally responsible for the accuracy of all personal data provided by him. The ordering client is responsible for the contractual relationship of the participants in the stay, specified in the order / contract. The client’s order is a draft contract and the contract itself is concluded by confirming the LT order, which creates a contractual relationship between the client and LT for the sale of services (trip defined by Act No. 159/1999 Coll. Is arranged by a travel contract, where the draft travel contract is submitted by LT). By sending the LT order, the client confirms that he has read these GTC and that he agrees with them.

3.2. The Client agrees that the personal data specified in the order / contract be included in the electronic database of LT and that they be collected and processed by LT in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended.

3.3. For the scope of contractually agreed services, the binding list of services stated on the order confirmation / contract, derived from the product offer, is binding. Extensions or agreed changes to services beyond the product offering must be exhaustively stated in the order confirmation / contract or their addendum and confirmed by LT and paid for before they are provided.

3.4. Upon arrival, the client at the reception of the accommodation facility LT always proves the appropriate confirmation of stay (contract, voucher, order confirmation, invitation letter for stays paid by the health insurance company, etc.) or. also a confirmation of payment for the stay and services, then a passport (foreigners), ID card (natives), a valid health insurance card (for stays paid in full or in part by the health insurance company). After completing the above formalities, the reception will accommodate the client and provide him with further information on the stay.

3.5. According to international customs, clients are accommodated at 12.00 on the day of arrival and must leave the rooms by 10.00 on the day of departure (otherwise according to an individual agreement in LT for a set fee). Specific times may be set differently for individual types of stays in the product offer. Early arrival or late departure is not a reason to use the room for a longer time. Arbitrary late leaving of the room is sanctioned at a rate of CZK 1,000 and compensation for any damage, including lost profits. The distribution of accommodation capacities or rooms takes place on the part of LT on the spot. The illustrations of accommodation capacities stated in the product offer or other materials are illustrative, therefore they may not always correspond exactly to the room assigned to the client on the spot. The same applies to the depiction of procedures or other services provided. In cases where exceptional operational matters so require, LT may change the place of accommodation.


4.1. Basic client rights:

a) for the proper provision of the agreed and paid services,

b) request information on the decisive facts of LT known and materially related to the agreed and paid services,

c) be acquainted with any changes in the stay, scope of services and price,

d) at any time in the interim before starting to use the services, withdraw from the contract under the conditions of these GTC,

e) notify LT in writing in the prescribed manner of a change in the person of the participant of the stay instead of the original client specified in the order / contract,

f) for complaints in accordance with the GTC

g) for the protection of personal data, which it states in the order / contract and in other documents from unauthorized persons

4.2. Basic duties of the client:

a) provide LT with the cooperation necessary for the proper security and performance of services, in particular fully and truthfully fill in the required information in the order / contract, notify any changes to this information in time, check the information in the order confirmation and immediately contact LT if discrepancies are found and submit other documents on request LT,

b) to ensure the escort and supervision of an adult participant in persons under the age of 15 and in persons whose state of health so requires,

c) document the consent of the legal representative, where the client is older than 15 years and younger than 18 years of age and draws services without the accompaniment and supervision of the representative concerned,

d) announce the participation of foreign nationals when concluding a contract or completing an order,

e) without undue delay to announce its opinion on any changes in the conditions or content of the agreed services

(f) comply with passport, customs, foreign exchange, transit, health, traffic and security regulations, as well as applicable laws and customs of the country and places to which he travels; the client is responsible for the timeliness of the issuance and validity of the necessary documents (passport, visa, health insurance document, etc.),

g) pay the price of the stay (services) in accordance with the agreed conditions,

h) take over from LT the documents necessary for the subsequent use of services and arrive at the destination within a predetermined period of time,

i) act in such a way that there is no damage to health or property to the detriment of other participants in the stay, service providers or LT, to compensate for the damage caused by his actions,

j) take care of the timely and proper application of any claims against the service provider (complaints),

k) follow the instructions of the relevant LT staff or other persons designated by LT, follow the set program (late arrival for procedures or meals cannot be refunded), observe and respect the internal regulations of LT (house and accommodation regulations, etc.), especially the ban on smoking and narcotics substances in all premises, observe the rules of decent and ethical behavior and conduct towards LT employees, as well as other clients and persons, observe the ban on the introduction of explosives, weapons or dangerous substances and objects, observe the ban on the use of own electrical appliances and equipment in spa houses, visiting mode, etc.,

l) comply with the ban on entry and residence with any animals and animals without prior demonstrable permission from LT (LT reserves the right to revoke the permit at any time),

m) when ordering, take into account the contraindications of the stay (listed on and inform LT about important health problems and needs (significantly limited mobility, chronic diseases, dietary diets, etc.).

n) in the event of withdrawal from the contract, the client is obliged to notify LT of this fact and pay severance pay in accordance with the GTC,

o) notify LT of any change in the participant of the stay in writing, duly and in time at least 7 days before the start of the stay.
Any exceptions may be provided only by the relevant internal rules of LT or with the prior consent of the management of the sales department or spa house. Serious or repeated breach of the above obligations may be grounds for non-provision of residence or some of its services, or termination of the client’s stay. All costs arising from non-compliance with the above obligations of the client shall be borne by the client, including paid and unused services.


5.1. The prices of stays and other services offered by LT are listed in printed materials and at (in the event of a conflict between the prices stated in various publicly available documents, the price stated on the LT website is always valid). The client pays for the booked stay in the form of a 100% deposit for the services ordered and LT confirmed, unless otherwise agreed. The deposit must be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the stay, unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation / contract. If the stay is booked within 30 days or less before the start of the stay, the price is payable at the same time as the order confirmation / conclusion of the contract, if the client is not informed about the method of payment. when placing a stay order otherwise.

5.2. The methods of payment are by: bank transfer, cash payment, voucher or accepted payment card. The stay can also be paid for with a gift voucher issued by LT (rules of use at or an accepted voucher issued by a third party, but in these cases any overpayment cannot be refunded. Payment for the stay always means crediting the amount to the LT account or paying the LT amount in cash. When a contractual relationship is established through external sales points, the price of the stay with an external seller can be paid (the previous sentence also applies in this case). In case of non-compliance with the deadline for payment of the price of the stay, LT are entitled to withdraw from the contractual relationship (confirmed orders) and cancel the stay without further notice. In such a case, the client is obliged to pay severance pay (hereinafter referred to as cancellation fees). Fees for changes in the reservation or withdrawal from the contract (cancellation fees) are payable immediately. If the client does not use some agreed and paid services during the stay, it is not possible to compensate for unused services and unless otherwise agreed, the amounts paid will not be refunded. This also applies to the case when the service is not provided, because this is prevented by a fact that the LT client should have informed in advance (eg unfavorable health condition, pregnancy and other contraindications).

5.3. Any discounts announced after the date of booking confirmation / conclusion of the contract do not establish the client’s right to a discounted price. LT are entitled to increase the price of the stay until the 21st day before the start of the stay in case the Czech koruna exchange rate used to determine the price of the stay increases by more than 10% on average compared to the rate valid on the effective date of the current price list. Written notification of the price increase will be sent to LT client no later than 21 days before the start of the stay. Such an increased price would apply to all clients who have not fully paid for all ordered services as of the date of its increase. Discounts stated in LT materials can be granted only if the client has met the conditions for drawing these discounts. Individual discounts cannot be added up or otherwise combined, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

5.4. On the day of the end of the stay, LT issues a bill for the services to the client, in which LT also clears the paid deposit, and the client is obliged to pay the difference in person, cash, credit card or voucher either at the reception of the spa or reception office, no later than stay or on the last day of drawing services.


6.1. Before the start of the stay

a) If LTs are forced to change the agreed conditions for objective reasons before the start of the confirmed stay, they may propose to the client a change in the order / contract. If the proposed change also leads to a change in the price of the stay, the new price will be stated in the proposal. In such a case, the client has the right to decide whether to agree to the change or whether to withdraw from the order / contract without cancellation fees and the price paid will be refunded. If the client does not withdraw from the proposal to change the order / contract within 5 days of delivery, it is considered that he agrees with the change and is obliged to pay the difference in price within the same period. In the event of a breach of this client’s obligation to LT, LT may withdraw from the order / contract confirmation, which does not exclude LT’s right to compensation. This provision also applies in the event of a change in the GTC.

b) The client has the right to withdraw from the order / contract under the conditions of the previous provisions of the GTC in the following cases:

in the event of cancellation of services or stay by LT or in the event of a major change to the program. A change of an accommodation or catering facility is not considered to be a significant change if the accommodation or catering is provided in the same or higher quality and LT could not influence these facts, when increasing the price of the tour by more than 10%.

c) If the realization of the stay or provision of the agreed services is prevented by extraordinary circumstances such as war, earthquake, insurrection, strike, epidemic, extreme climatic or other natural phenomenon or other circumstances caused by force majeure or would otherwise endanger the safety, health or life of clients, and which could not have been foreseen when concluding the contractual relationship, LT are entitled to cancel the stay. In the cases mentioned in this point, LT will offer the client another date or the client will receive the paid price of the canceled stay back. In this connection, the client is not entitled to any further compensation.

6.2. LT are entitled to make operational changes to the program and services provided during the stay, if necessary and to protect the interests of clients, if it is not possible to comply with the specified program, or to provide pre-arranged services. In this case, LTs are required to:

to provide a replacement program and services in the scope and quality identical to or close to the originally agreed conditions, while ensuring that the nature of the stay or services is preserved as much as possible
adjust the price of the stay and services depending on the changes made to the program and services, if they result in a reduction in the scope and quality of the agreed services.
6.3. Claims will be resolved individually. If there are circumstances whose origin, course and consequence do not depend on the activities and procedures of LT or circumstances that affect the client by not using all or partly or can not be provided (existence of contraindications, etc.) ordered and paid services (eg. accommodation, catering, medical procedures, transport services, trips, etc.), the client is not entitled to payment or a discount on the price, unless otherwise agreed.

6.4. The client has the right to ask LT to change the order / contract. The change of the participant of the stay is free of charge in compliance with the provisions of the GTC. For a substantial change in the concluded order / contract (eg change in the date of stay, change in the place of accommodation, etc.), the client is obliged to pay LT a flat fee of CZK 300/1 person for each individual change.

6.5. Additional fees for administrative tasks associated with the provision of above-standard services are set individually and in agreement with the customer.


7.1. The client is entitled to withdraw from the order / contract under the conditions set out below at any time before the start of the stay / use of services. Cancellation of the stay by the client must be done in writing and in a manner undoubted. The time of delivery of the written notice of cancellation of the stay of LT is decisive for determining the period of cancellation of the stay.

7.2. If the reason for the client’s withdrawal is not a breach of the LT obligation stipulated in the order confirmation / contract or Act No. 159/1999 Coll. or if LT withdraws from the confirmed order / contract before the start of the stay due to a breach of duty by the client, the client is obliged to pay LT a cancellation fee in the amount specified below. LT are entitled to set off the cancellation fee claim against any client’s claim against LT.

7.3. When determining the number of days for the calculation of the cancellation fee, the day when the LT information about the cancellation was first delivered is also included in the determined number of days. The number of days does not include the planned day of the start of the stay according to the order.

7.4. Cancellation fees are charged for each one registered client from the total price of the ordered services in the following amount:
up to 30 days before using the first service: 500 CZK / 1 person
29–21 days before using the first service: 10% of the set price / 1 person, but at least CZK 500
20–14 days before using the first service: 30% of the set price / 1 person, but at least CZK 500
13–7 days before using the first service: 50% of the set price / 1 person, but at least CZK 500
6–3 days before the first service: 75% of the set price / 1 person, but at least CZK 500
2 or less days before the first service or without prior cancellation: 100% of the set price / 1 person, but at least 500 CZK
As a rule, cancellation fees will not be charged if the following circumstances prevented the client from participating in the stay: sudden illness or injury evidenced by a medical certificate, natural disaster, death of a family member (parents, husband, wife, child). In the event of cancellation of the stay, the client pays the bank fees associated with the return of the remaining funds to his account.

7.5. As a rule, cancellation fees will not be charged if the following circumstances prevented the client from participating in the stay: sudden illness or injury evidenced by a medical certificate, natural disaster, death of a family member (parent, spouse, child). In the event of cancellation of the stay, the client pays the bank fees associated with the return of the remaining funds to his account.


8.1. In the event that the stay or other benefits do not take place according to the contractual conditions, the client has the right to make a complaint in all possible ways. Contacts are listed in Article 3 of these GTC. Complaints can also be made to an external seller who mediated the contractual relationship. A written form and a clear definition of the scope of the claimed facts is recommended. The client should then take an active approach to resolving the claimed conditions. In the event that the complaint is not filed without undue delay, the client runs the risk that the right to recognition of the complaint and all subsequent damages, which would not arise if the client had a timely or active approach to resolving the complaint, is reduced, reduced or terminated. The client acknowledges that the submission of comments at the place of residence serves mainly for the immediate solution of the problem on the spot.

8.2. LT solves justified complaints mainly by providing a replacement service, otherwise by appropriate compensation. If the deficiency cannot be eliminated, the responsible employee will write a complaint report with the client. The client is obliged to provide the cooperation necessary to settle the complaint. If effective activities and procedures are subsequently implemented by LT, which create a logical precondition for a full-fledged correction of the claimed conditions directly on the spot and these are negated by the client, this excludes the possibility of any subsequent compensation after the stay. Only services that are the content of a contractual agreement and are subject to a fee may be the subject of a complaint procedure or retroactive financial compensation. The right to a complaint must be made without undue delay, but no later than 3 months after the end of the stay / provision of the complained service. LTs are obliged to communicate their opinion on the complaint within 30 days of receiving the complaint. In cases where it is necessary to request the opinion of third parties, the time limit for settling a complaint may be extended by another 30 days.

8.3. LT does not bear any responsibility and is not liable for the level, price, or damage incurred for services for events not agreed in the confirmed order / contract, organized by third parties, which the client orders on site. The subject of the complaint is not considered to be damages and property damages incurred by the client, which are the subject of contractual arrangements of insurance coverage of the insurance company based on travel and residence insurance, nor such damages and property damages that are explicitly excluded from the scope of insurance coverage. In the event of damage caused by a third party, LT is completely exempt from full or partial performance and financial compensation.


9.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all participants in tours, stays and services and come into force on 01.06.2010.

9.2. All information and instructions that make up the binding content of these GTC comply with applicable laws and all facts known and available at the time of printing. However, LT reserves the right to update and change. The spa also reserves the right to change the decisive data stated in the product offer before concluding the contractual relationship pursuant to Section 10, Paragraph 2 of Act No. 159/1999 Coll., As amended.

9.3. These GTC are always an integral part of the confirmed order / contract concluded with the client, as well as any distributed business offers of LT concerning the stays and services to which these GTC apply. They are freely available at LT points of sale, where further information can also be obtained if required. The current version of the GTC is always on the LT website

9.4. If any of the provisions of these GTC becomes invalid, ineffective or unenforceable for any reason, this fact does not affect the validity of the other provisions. This does not apply if the binding provisions of the applicable legal regulations stipulate otherwise.