Trips into surroundings

From a distance, you are attracted by the mighty Ore Mountains and the volcanic hills of the Central Bohemian Uplands. The Pravčice Gate and boats in the gorges of the Hřensko region are definitely worth a trip.You probably won’t find such a diverse landscape anywhere.


You probably won’t find such a diverse landscape anywhere.

Lázně Teplice lies in a valley between the walls of the Ore Mountains and the completely exceptional landscape of the Central Bohemian Uplands. Within 1 driving distance are also Tisá Rocks or Czech Switzerland. You will always see a different landscape, you will be told a different story from the long history of the Czech border.

The local region has long served as the main gateway to Bohemia and the Saxon kings used to come here to spend the summer. They were attracted by the picturesque landscape full of castles, evidence of medieval mining fever and prospects so unprecedented that even naturalists Humboldt, composers Beethoven and Wagner took their breath away. The Central Bohemian Uplands pay for undiscovered paradise in the circles of experts.

The Ore Mountains are interwoven with hundreds of kilometers of both hiking and cycling trails, which are already connected to the Saxon side of the mountain range. Today, the completely restored nature of the mountain range boasts its peat bogs, natural formations and local fauna. Beautiful dams have always belonged here. You will find out on the way to the viewpoints, lookout towers and ruins, of which there are plenty and plenty.

The printed rocks resemble the scenery of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Czech Switzerland. The unique landscape of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park will captivate everyone. Rock towns, rivers, gorges and deep forests have historically attracted adventurers. When you set out on the romantic Gabriela’s path to the Pravčice Gate, you will find yourself as if in another world. The Kamenice River winds slowly through the Jetřichovice walls between the peaks and viewpoints. The most popular include Rudolfův kámen and Mariina skála near Jetřichovice.

If you want to help with the organization of trips, the VISIT TEPLICE information center organizes thematic trips on selected days. The palette is really varied, from a trip to the hills outside the city, through a tour of local breweries, to a sweet treat in the Central Bohemian Uplands. You can find a description and possibly booking such trips here.

Castle Krupka


Romance of the medieval castle KRUPKA

7km from the spa

The area of ​​Krupka Castle is accessible at any time. The road to the castle is short and comfortable from Husitská street.

Krupka Castle was founded by Jan of Luxembourg around 1320. During the Romantic period, the place was used as a walking and relaxing area mainly by visitors to the Teplice spa, who also admired the roses in the manor garden. There were over a hundred species growing there, and according to them, the castle became known as the Rosenburg Castle. During his stays in the Teplice spa, the castle was visited several times by J. W. Goethe, who even drew Krupka. Another famous visitor was Empress Marie Louisa in 1812. Later, a promenade road was established here and terraces, a gazebo, a new stable, a water house and a shed were built. Here, in addition to views of the Bohemian Central Mountains, you can also enjoy lunch in the castle restaurant.

Mine Old Martin


A trip to the heart of the mountain through the mine OLD MARTIN

UNESCO monument (9km from the spa)

May – October daily 9:30 – 16:00
November – April only Thu – Sun 9:30 – 16:00 (in Thu only until 14:00)

Krupka is famous all over the world for tin. The mythical princess Libuše, who allegedly met with Přemysl on the local slopes, drew attention to the rich deposits in the vicinity of Krupka. You can learn a lot about the history and methods of obtaining tin by visiting the Starý Martin tour gallery, located by the road from Krupka to Komáří vížka. As part of the Erzgebirge / Ore Mountains Mining Cultural Landscape project, the Starý Martin gallery has become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its exceptional character lies in its indicative length (around 2 km), which makes it the longest tin ore vein in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

Transport connections: from Teplice bus no. 484, stop Martinka
by car – parking opposite the entrance

Komáří vížka


Cable car to KOMÁŘÍ VÍŽKA

7km from the spa

April – September 8:30 – 18:30 at hourly intervals
November – March 8:30 – 16:30 at hourly intervals

The highest point of Krupka is the peak of Komáří vížka, where the longest (2348 m) chairlift in Eastern Europe leads. The lower boarding station is located in the Bohosudov area. Its operation is daily, but with regard to weather conditions. It is worth calling in advance on tel. 734 570 118

From Komáří Vížka as well as the surroundings of Krupka there are a number of hiking, educational and cycling routes and trails. You can find a more detailed description here.

Central Bohemian Uplands


Angry with wonder? The answer is a trip to the Central Bohemian Uplands

Specific natural conditions are the reason why the Central Bohemian Uplands are one of the richest areas for many species of plants and animals in the Czech Republic.

Everyone who comes from the north of Bohemia from Prague knows very well the beauty of the wrinkled and magical landscape of the Central Bohemian Uplands, which these volcanic peaks cover. At first glance, you will be attracted by the legendary mountain Říp. The river Elbe, which flows into the BCentral Bohemian Uplands through “Porto Bohemika”, divides the landscape into two parts. The western one is dominated by Milešovka, Házmburk, Bořeň or Lounské vrchy of the savannah type. The eastern part is again Radobýl, Varnhošť and Buková hora. Ústí nad Labem boasts beautiful waterfalls and caves hidden on the slopes out of sight of people.

Castle Házmburk


Magic point in the countryside: Házmburk

The silhouette with two towers, the upper prismatic and the lower round, can be seen from all over the world tens of kilometers away.

Házmburk has belonged to this landscape for a long time. It is not even known exactly when and by whom the castle was founded. Basalt hill reaches a height of 418 m and according to archeological findings it was inhabited as early as the 5th millennium. BC people of culture with spiked pottery.

Milešovka Mountain



15km from the spa

In 1819, the famous German traveler and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt visited here. He was so enthusiastic about the view that he called it the third most beautiful in the world and until 1839 he returned here regularly.

The highest mountain in the Central Bohemian Uplands (836.6 m) with a breathtaking view of the landscape. At the top is a meteorological observatory with a lookout tower. Milešovka is rightly called the queen of the Central Bohemian Uplands. Its slopes, which reach a slope of up to 30 °, are covered by natural forest. From a biological point of view, forest-free parts of the mountain are also highly valued. These are rock outcrops, rubble and the rock wall “Výří skály” at the southwestern foot. It is in these places that most important plant species are found. In 1874, a very rare Adriatic tongue was even discovered here – an orchid, which was not recorded anywhere else in Bohemia. There are also a number of protected species of birds, insects and mollusks.