Treatment for children

Outpatient Stay LUX for children


Outpatient Stay LUX 
treatment for children

This treatment is intended for treatment of children from the age of 6 months to 18 years (the child’s date of birth is understood as the upper age limit). Minimum stay 10 days, for long-term improvement the doctor recommends 15 days. The Outpatient Stay LUX for children is provided by the Stone spa house and by the New spa house.
For the whole period of the child’s treatment it is necessary that the child is accompanied by an adult person.
In order to assess applicable therapeutic options, we require submitting patient medical report not older than three months. For children under the age of 18 months, a birth report and a report from a neurologist must also be provided. Subsequently, the child is either indicated for treatment or not. Without submitting the report, there is a risk of not admitting the child for treatment. The structure of therapeutic procedures in each particular case will be decided upon the physician at the check-in medical examination.

Children (18 months -18 years old)
24 procedures per week (on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday without medical treatment):
• 5 times a week – Individual Exercises (25 minutes)*
• 5 times a week – Water treatment procedures (20 minutes)
• 4 times a week – Individual Ergotherapy (15 minutes)
• 2 times a week – Massages (20 minutes)
• once a week Sensorimotor Integration (20 minutes)
• 7 times a week – Physical therapy according to the doctor´s decision from the following scope of procedures: Oxygen Therapy, Electrotherapy, Inhalation, Positioning Magnetotherapy, Thermotherapy; Salt Cave in the Stone Spa (Stone spa house), Whirlpool Bath – Upper/Lower Extremities in the Stone Spa (Stone spa house)
Initial and closing medical examinations, final medical report.
Once every two weeks a medical check-up (applied to treatments with a minimum number of 15 nights, with treatments over 35 nights according to the doctor´s decision).
* not applicable on the day of the initial medical examination; replaced by another procedure according to the doctor´s decision.

24 procedures per week
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Off season
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Main season
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Price list valid for the year 2022. Prices are in EUR per person and day.
This stay is governed by the General Terms and Conditions and the Accommodation Rules.