Treatment methods


Teplice Spa has long been one of the leaders in movement medicine.

Treatment in combination with local sources shows extraordinary results. Athletes meet here, as well as their parents and grandparents. More and more people are also coming at the computer or behind the wheel, thus preventing painful conditions associated with unilateral loading. We are specialists in the musculoskeletal system and related problems of nervous or vascular origin:

Musculoskeletal system diseases

Degenerative and inflammatory diseases of musculoskeletal system (rheumatic arthritis, Bechterew‘s disease, arthroses), vertebrogenic syndromes, spinal discs diseases, osteoporosis, algic syndromes of tendons, muscles and muscular ligaments, conditions after injuries and surgeries of spine and joints, congenital orthopaedic disorders, scoliosis.

Nervous system diseases

Conditions after a stroke – hemiparesis, multiple sclerosis, conditions after congenital cerebral palsy, conditions after infantile paralysis (polio), musculoskeletal disorders after encephalitis and myelitis, after brain surgeries or traumas, neuromuscular diseases, Parkinson‘s disease, diabetic polyneuropathy – nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Vascular diseases

Peripheral vascular diseases, conditions after phlebitis and thrombosis, chronic lymphoedemas, conditions after vascular surgeries, vascular diabetes-related disorders, occupational vasoneurosis.

We treat post-covid syndrome

Many people who suffer from COVID-19 suffer from various difficulties even after healing. According to medical research, the problems persist in most patients for several months. The spa is the only place where we solve all difficulties comprehensively (decline in physical and mental condition, muscle and joint pain, fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, muscle weakness, respiratory failure, worsening of chronic diseases). We rely on the treatment of these complications with a combination of baths in our unique mineral thermal water and top physiotherapy, thanks to which our guests achieve significant improvements and overall regeneration of the body.


When is it necessary to postpone a visit to the spa?

Serious infectious diseases, acute stage diseases, clinical signs of circulatory failure, malignant arrhythmias, conditions after deep thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, unstable and decompensated diabetes mellitus, recurrent profuse bleeding, cachexia, malignancies, untreated epilepsy, psychosis and addictive substances, self-sufficiency, incontinence (does not apply to Nové lázně), pregnancy, non-healing skin defects, hypertension above 16 kPa diastolic pressure (± 120 mm Hg).

Do you have problems with your back, muscles or joints? You will get in shape in Teplice. Even chronic difficulties respond with positive changes.

Do you have problems with your back, muscles or joints? You will get in shape in Teplice. Even chronic difficulties respond with positive changes.